Presentation by the Head of Mechanical Engineering at the U of M

Recently Dr. Mark Tachie, P.Eng., Interim Head of Mechanical Engineering, gave a presentation to the board of the Friends of Engineering. Below is a copy of his PowerPoint. If you’d like more information, please contact

Tachie_FOE_2017a_Page_01 Tachie_FOE_2017a_Page_02 Tachie_FOE_2017a_Page_03 Tachie_FOE_2017a_Page_04 Tachie_FOE_2017a_Page_05 Tachie_FOE_2017a_Page_06 Tachie_FOE_2017a_Page_07 Tachie_FOE_2017a_Page_08 Tachie_FOE_2017a_Page_09 Tachie_FOE_2017a_Page_10 Tachie_FOE_2017a_Page_11 Tachie_FOE_2017a_Page_12 Tachie_FOE_2017a_Page_13 Tachie_FOE_2017a_Page_14 Tachie_FOE_2017a_Page_15 Tachie_FOE_2017a_Page_16 Tachie_FOE_2017a_Page_17 Tachie_FOE_2017a_Page_18 Tachie_FOE_2017a_Page_19

21 thoughts on “Presentation by the Head of Mechanical Engineering at the U of M”

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