Our Purpose

The Friends of Engineering (Manitoba) Inc.

Established May, 2008 The Friends of Engineering are a unique group of Manitoba industry influencers and employers who share the U of M Faculty of Engineering’s commitment to excellence in engineering education. Our mission is to be the strong, collective voice of Manitoba industry, advocating for the growth and health of the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Manitoba to enable the Faculty to continue to provide the world-class engineering graduates necessary to sustain and grow the wealth of this province.

The Pillars of Friends

To strengthen relations between the University of Manitoba Faculty of Engineering and the engineering sector.

To increase communication and networking opportunities between engineering students and their future employers.

To strengthen the engineering practice components of the engineering curriculum at the University of Manitoba.

Funding Requests

The Friends of Engineering (FOE) (Manitoba) Inc., a voluntary industry led organization, works to advance the University of Manitoba Engineering Faculty and enhance its graduates beyond what can be accomplished with public funds.  FOE members come from industry, government, and the consulting sector and understand the importance of having a strong, mutually beneficial relationship between all sectors of the engineering profession in Manitoba.  FOE regards the Engineering Faculty  at the U of M to be world-class and values that it  serves our education and research needs, and produces the engineering graduates that are essential to the viability of the Manitoba economy and its employers of engineers.

Activities and Projects eligible for Funding

The FOE will consider funding requests that support the pillars of FOE as stated above. Listed below are examples of activities and projects that may be supported by FOE:

• Student Competition Teams

 • Travel to Student Competitions / Conferences

• Support for invited speakers

• Conference Sponsorship

• Faculty Outreach and Student Recruitment

  • Procedure for funding requests

Funding requests are welcomed from students, student groups, and Faculty members from the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Manitoba. Other groups will be considered by the FOE based on the applicability of the proposal to the Faculty of Engineering.

Funding requests shall be submitted in digital format to the Executive Director of the Friends of Engineering at brandy.oreilly@umanitoba.ca.

Funding requests can be submitted at any time throughout the year. However, requests should be submitted at least 3 months prior to the date of the activity or event to allow sufficient time for review by the FOE.

Funding requests shall provide all information outlined below.

All funding requests will be evaluated and the applicant will be notified of the outcome of this evaluation process.

Information required in Funding requests

Funding requests shall include the following information:

• A clearly written proposal, (1-3 pages) including a clear statement of the objectives of
  the activity or project.

• A statement of activities for which funds are sought, and the personnel (students,
  faculty, industry, etc.) involved.

• A schedule of activities, completion date of project, etc.

• A detailed budget, itemizing proposed expenditure of all funds (both FOE funds and
  other funds).

• The value/benefit/recognition expected to accrue to students, staff, the Faculty, the
   University, etc.