Friends of Engineering celebrates U of M team accomplishments

On Thursday, October 25, 2012, close to 200 people attended the University of Manitoba Student Competition teams celebration hosted by The Friends of Engineering (Manitoba) Inc. in the Engineering Information and Technology Complex.

Refreshments were served in the Atrium while guests looked through the teams’ displays of their finished product and well-earned trophies/plaques.

After getting some refreshments, all the guests were invited to the Design Lab in E2-229 EITC where Mr. John Bockstael, Chair of Friends of Engineering, and Dr. Jonathan Beddoes, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, welcomed everyone to the celebration. Then, guests were treated to a series of short presentations highlighting the hard work that goes into all these projects. Team representatives described the competition, key designs, build phase, testing, lessons learned, and accomplishments for their respective competitions.

After highlighting all the projects, the students from all the teams lined up at the front of the room and invited Mr. Mal Symonds, recently retired UofM Engineering-in-Residence, to be recognized for all his contributions to student competition teams throughout his tenure at the University of Manitoba. His emphasis on building-breaking-rebuilding, integrated design teams, and professionalism were evident in the quality of all the projects.

The presentations were followed by Dr. Gerry Price, Chairman and CEO for Price Group and a Friends of Engineering board member highlighting the importance of the competitions to the engineering education at the university and the Manitoba industries at large. Dr. Price congratulated the future industry leaders on their accomplishments and encouraged them to continue to work hard as they establish their legacy in Manitoba.

Finally, after the presentations, the guests were treated to tours of all the competition labs to see where the magic happens. The tours provided a venue for the guests to ask questions and also learn how they can help future competition teams by providing the necessary resources to take these designs to the next level.

For more information on any of the Faculty of Engineering’s many competition teams, contact Amber Skrabek:


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