We are a unique group of like-minded industry influencers and employers who share the University of Manitoba Price Faculty of Engineering’s commitment to excellence in engineering education. A voluntary organization operated independent of the University of Manitoba, Friends is working to advance the Price Faculty of Engineering and enhance its graduates beyond what can be accomplished with public funds

The Price Faculty of Engineering is currently at or beyond maximum enrollment capacity and industry must lend their support to help motivate both government and the University of Manitoba to support the Faculty in its effort to increase enrolment and retain local engineering talent.  Manitoba is currently losing many talented engineering candidates to other engineering schools simply because our school has reached its capacity.  As such, this directly affects our businesses and the entire province as many of those leaving to study elsewhere will not be returning to Manitoba, contributing to a shortage of engineers.

We encourage industry leaders and influencers in Manitoba to become a Friends of Engineering member, where a strong, collective industry voice can make a critical difference.