The Internationally Educated Engineer Qualification (IEEQ) program

Recently the Director of the Internationally Educated Engineer Qualification (IEEQ) program, Dr. Marcia Friesen, P.Eng., gave a presentation to the board of the Friends of Engineering. Below is a copy of her PowerPoint. If you’d like more information, please contact

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March 2, 2017

Friends pledges $100,000 to new engineering building

It was announced at the Friends of Engineering AGM & Dinner on February 28th that the Friends have pledged $100,000 towards the new Stanley Pauley Engineering Building at the University of Manitoba. The new 46,100 square foot building will include: Engineering Innovation and Prototyping Centre (design team prototyping facilities) New Co-op/Industrial Internship Program Office New Internally-Educated […] the full article.

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